Around the Garden: California Fuchsia, Epilobium canum

California Fuchsia

If you look carefully in the chaparral around the garden, you will always find some plant in bloom with tubular red flowers. It might be the discreet blooms of a Dudleya, the sudden burst of red of an Indian Pink, the pendant blooms of a Heart-leaved Penstemon, any time of year you will find one native plant or other offering sustenance to our resident Anna’s hummingbird. Right now, late in the year, when most plants are busy bringing forth new leaves, the California Fuchsia is blooming.

California Fuchsia

There is a lively clump of our native Fuchsia in the orchard, between an apple tree and some raspberries, hugging a rock. As I was taking these photos a female Anna’s hummingbird came by several times, looked at the flowers, looked at me, looked at the flowers and flew off.

California Fuchsia

I kept trying to make myself as small and still as possible so I could photograph the hummingbird. To no avail. It simply was not comfortable having me around or otherwise didn’t like this clump. In any case, it didn’t stop to feed on these flowers and I didn’t get a photo of a hummingbird on a California Fuchsia for you.

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  1. Susan Krzywicki Says:

    Your foliage looks nice and healthy. Mine has gotten a bit raggedy an dI need to go out and give my pretty bloomers some TLC!

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